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Michelle Owen - CHEK Level 3, CHEK NLC Level 2 - Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Specialist - Auckland - New Zealand
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Metabolic Typing
Find out how to feed your cells with their correct fuel for their needs and functions.
Hydration & Water Facts.
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Populating your Gastro Intestinal Tract with the right bacteria.
The 6 Life Principles
Thoughts, Hydration, Breathing, Nutrition,

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What can Michelle help you with?

Postural Correction Corrective Exercise Functional Fitness
Core Stability & Conditioning

Sports Specific Conditioning & Training
Back Rehabilitation & Pain Removal
Pre & Post Surgery Rehab

Corporate Wellness Seminars
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
Metabolic Typing
Stress Management



Are You Looking For
Fitness, Health &
Wellness Training
In Your Personal Life?

Using my focused, specialist training and coaching methods I will assist you to gain new levels of fitness, health, vitality,  posture, body pain removal, reduced stress and more.

Auckland fitness training and conditioning specialist.

My approach -
How it will help you.

I am a specialist Fitness and Lifestyle Coach with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. I will develop a fitness and lifestyle training programme that is specifically designed and styled to your bodies exact needs.

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The Wellness Seminars I prepare and run have their foundation structured from the C.H.E.K. NLC, (Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching).

Wellness seminars Auckland New Zealand

They bring together and teach an awareness of the "6 Foundation Life Principles" and that with minimal changes you can improve your wellness and vitality in your daily life. These are;

Thoughts, Hydration, Breathing, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep.

With even minimal positive changes in any or all of these life controlling aspects above we can produce a remarkable positive difference in the overall wellness for ourselves.

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Whether your goal is to establish a better quality of fitness in your life, recover from injury or surgery, remove the pain you feel daily, establish and maintain pain-free movement, boost your sports performance or improve your overall appearance, as a C.H.E.K. Practitioner I will coach and guide you to achieve a balanced foundation in your physical body and your everyday lifestyle.

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With the years of training and coaching that I have received from Paul Chek and the CHEK Institute,, I have established myself as a specialist in individual, one on one training that achieves remarkable results for my clients.

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The best way to find out what she can do to help or assist you is to contact here and have a chat.

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Consulting Rooms Located at Lifestyle Fitness 4th Floor, Scene One, 2 Beach Rd,
Auckland City, New Zealand

Fitness Gym Auckland

"I am aware of other dimensions and with this awareness  
I am open to learning and thus to grow in every aspect of my life."


Michelle Owen, Fitness-n-Function, Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesioligist,
C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Level 2.

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